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TFT LCD Display
Easy to upgrade
Faster development cycle
Strong anti-interference ability
Wide range of adaptations
Touch Panel Display
Water Proof
Touch with Gloves
Stylus Pen Input
Surface Treatment
Smart Display
IOT control
Human-computer interaction
Multi-screen experience

About Leadtek Display

Shenzhen Leadtek Electronics Co., Ltd (Leadtek Company Limited) is a national high-tech enterprise which established in year 2015. We are committed to research and development, manufacturing and sales of LCD screens, touch screens and comprehensive display solutions. All our products have passed CE, RoHS, FCC and ISO 9000 certification.

Leadtek manufacturing centers are located in Fuyong Shenzhen, FAE and Sales technical support centers are located in Bantian Shenzhen. Our production plant area is 30,000 square meters and has more than 300 employees. In the future, we will strive to build a high-tech enterprise with global influence, diversified business and market, and build a globally competitive LCD brand. 


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Leadtek New Year Dinner Event
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About TFT LCD 

Is TFT LCD Modules used in Diverse sorts of Applications?

LCD enables the display to be thinner rather than the cathode ray tube. LCDs consume only less power than LED and gas displays; this is work on the principle of blocking light fairly than emitting it. The LCD Display Module is used in various kinds of applications and is the most common module used in various devices and then circuits. 


How does TFT Module use? 

A TFT is employed in both direct and indirect capture as a ground for the picture receptor in medical radiography. Of course, all kinds of high-resolution and then and then high-quality electronic visual displays utilize the TFT Module based active matrix displays. It is perfect for more applications, including industrial control, coffee machine, automation, GPS, POS system, and so on. This technology may offer the full-colour RGB showcasing a range of colours and hues


Buy LCD Display Module from the best Manufacturer 

In order to buy the LCD module, you must pick the best manufacturer because they offer a greater and more high-quality product. The TFT LCD module gives greater benefits to the user the lower power consumption. The expert will offer greater items to the people. 


Benefits of approaching the expert production Touch Panel Services

Day by day, advanced smart technology is being developed widely, as the best now is the touch panel, making the user work with the device smoothly. This page will explain why you need to look for expert production touch panel Modules services.


Is TFT LCD Modules will offer by expert?

Are you looking for high-quality TFT LCD Modules? Then you can choose the expert production touch panel platform to get affordable and high-quality products. The expert supplier will be using all high quality materials for the product, bringing the product worth to first quality in the market. 


Is TFT LCD Panel pass the test quality?

It is familiar that each product will be passed through the test; this indicates that product quality is high worth the cost. The durability will be longer compared to the low quality of the touch panel. Before the product reaches the customer's hand, it will ensure in the production platform itself that it is highly worth able. In addition, expert TFT LCD Panel services even can work with the custom touch panel. These will help the business that is developing the production. They are a custom product in the market. 

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