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Bar Display

  • Applicable size:0.96"-32"
  • Support Customized FPC Shape、Pins Definition And Multiple Interface
  • Support Customized Backlight Solutions(Frame Material、Lifetime、Brightness)
  • Support Various Accessory Material And TFT Glass Selections
  • Full Rang Of IPS LCD Options And Super-Wide Viewing Angle Glare Solution

NO. Size(inch) Shape P/N Display Mode Resolution Interface Luminance Active Area(mm) Outline Dimention(mm) Application DataSheet
NO.1 7'' Rectangular LTK070MNHLM34-V0 HSD/ IPS 280*1424 MIPI 450 33.6*170.88 38.2*181.47*3.4 Medical Equipment
NO.2 6.86" Rectangular LTK069WXBLM02-V0 IPS 480*1280 MIPI 400 60.22*160.59 66.73*181.23*4.65 Game Console
NO.3 7.84'' Landscape LTK078WXILM01-V0 IPS 400*1280 MIPI 1000 59.40* 190.08 206.2*67.8*4.66
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