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Bar Touch Panel Display

  • Applicable size:0.96"-32"
  • Support Multi-Touch And Wide Choice Of Touch IC
  • Support Customized Surface Treatment(AG、AR、AF、Anti-Corssion)
  • Support LOCA/OCA /AIR Bonding
  • Support Customized Cover Glass And Shape
  • Support Customized Different PCAP Structure

NO. Size(inch) Shape P/N Display Mode Resolution Interface Luminance Active Area(mm) Outline Dimention(mm) Structure TP Interface LENS VA LENS OD Application DataSheet
NO.1 6.86" Rectangular LTK069WXBLM02-V0 IPS 480*1280 MIPI 400 60.22*160.59 66.73*181.23*4.65 G+G I2C 61.22*161.59 67.00*181.40 Vehicle
NO.2 6.86" Rectangular LTK069WXBLM02 IPS 480*1280 480*1280 400 60.22*160.59 66.73*181.23*4.65 Vehicle
NO.3 21.5" LTK215A30A2Y IPS 1920*1080 LVDS 476.6*268.1(mm) 495.6*292.2*10.4(mm)
NO.4 8.0'' LTK080WU45BY IPS 1200 x 1920 MIPI 107.64 x 172.224 mm 113.14 x 182.424 x 1.70 mm
NO.5 21.5" LTK215WU30AYL IPS 1920*1080 LVDS 476.6*268.1(mm) 495.6*292.2*10.5(mm)
NO.6 2.4" LTK0240A06X IPS 240*320 MCU 42.72*60.26*2.2 42.72*60.26*2.2
NO.7 21.5" LTK215B3011J IPS 1920*1080 LVDS 476.6*268.1(mm) 495.6*292.2*11.5(mm)
NO.8 21.5" LTK215B3011J-KCO1 IPS 1920*1080 LVDS 476.64*268.11(mm) 495.6*292.2*11.5(mm)
NO.9 5.0" LTK050H4050T IPS 180*854 RGB+SPI 61.632*109.6536(mm) 66.4*120.5*2.05(mm)
NO.10 4.0'' LTK040T3003G-CT IPS 720 x 720 MIPI 71.93 x 71.93 mm 84 x 84 x 2.6 mm
NO.11 1.5'' LTK015C01-40 TN 480*240 RGB 29.76*22.32(mm) 37.1*32.7*2.5(mm)
NO.12 12.1" LTK121M48N10-CT IPS 1280*800 LVDS 216.12*163.2(mm) 277.7*180.6*8.7(mm)
NO.13 8.0'' LTK080IW41A IPS 1024*768 LVDS 162.05*121.54(mm) 174*136*2.8(mm)
NO.14 4.3" LTK430WQ01 TN 480*272 RGB 95.4*53.856 105.5*67.2*2.9
NO.15 5.0" LTK050B4047T IPS 480*854 MIPI 61.362*109.53(mm) 66.46*120.05*2.05(mm)
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With the rapid growth of smart home, lots ofcustomers are looking for square displays to be applied in the temperature control device and intelligent switch. Leadtek have developed three options of 4.0" square displays with resolution at 480x480 and our range, one of the 4.0" square display is designed with PCAP.

Through the square display, messages, device status, and percentage information can all be displayed; This enables a user to find the key system information effortlessly. The fascia colour, material, and appearance can also be customized allowing a user to tailor panel to their personal requirements. 

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