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Touch Panel Display

  • Applicable size:0.96"-32"
  • Support Multi-Touch And Wide Choice Of Touch IC
  • Support Customized Surface Treatment(AG、AR、AF、Anti-Corssion)
  • Support LOCA/OCA /AIR Bonding
  • Support Customized Cover Glass And Shape
  • Support Customized Different PCAP Structure

NO. Size(inch) Shape P/N Display Mode Resolution Interface Luminance Active Area(mm) Outline Dimention(mm) Application DataSheet
NO.1 11" LTK110A3001W TN 1280*120 RGB 280.32*27.0 288.92*41.2*7.2
NO.2 7 inch LTK070WSBUT01 TN 1024*600 UART, RS232, RS485
NO.3 1.3 inch Square LTK013H1528-QC-V6 IPS 240*240 SPI 250 cd/㎡ 23.4*23.4 33.80*36.00*2.93 Smart wear
NO.4 5 inch LTK050WVBUT01 800*480 UART, RS232, RS485
NO.5 4.0'' Square LTK040WV30HFPD-QC01-DJ-V19 IPS 480*480 MIPI 1100cd/m2 71.86*70.18 105.3*105.3*6.9
NO.6 4.3 inch LTK043WQBUT01 TN 480*272 UART, RS232, RS485
NO.7 3.5 inch LTK035HVBUT01 IPS 320*480 UART, RS232, RS485 49.44 (H) * 74.16(V) mm 3.5 inch
NO.8 21.5" LTK215A30A2Y IPS 1920*1080 LVDS 476.6*268.1(mm) 495.6*292.2*10.4(mm)
NO.9 8.0'' LTK080WU45BY IPS 1200 x 1920 MIPI 107.64 x 172.224 mm 113.14 x 182.424 x 1.70 mm
NO.10 21.5" LTK215WU30AYL IPS 1920*1080 LVDS 476.6*268.1(mm) 495.6*292.2*10.5(mm)
NO.11 2.4" LTK0240A06X IPS 240*320 MCU 42.72*60.26*2.2 42.72*60.26*2.2
NO.12 21.5" LTK215B3011J IPS 1920*1080 LVDS 476.6*268.1(mm) 495.6*292.2*11.5(mm)
NO.13 21.5" LTK215B3011J-KCO1 IPS 1920*1080 LVDS 476.64*268.11(mm) 495.6*292.2*11.5(mm)
NO.14 10.25'' LTK103P5003MD IPS 1920 x 720 MIPI 243.648 x 91.368 mm 261.4 x 110.7 x 8.49 mm
NO.15 10.1" LTK101A4015J IPS 1280*800 LVDS 216.96(W)×135.60(H) (mm) 250.8(W)×164.8(H)×7.4(T) (mm)
NO.16 5.0" LTK050H4050T IPS 180*854 RGB+SPI 61.632*109.6536(mm) 66.4*120.5*2.05(mm)
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Custom TFT LCD Display Panel 

The custom LCD displays have tremendous benefits to offer. It has become more popular because of its excellent use. The major benefit of the custom LCD is that you can choose the display size you need. It indicates that you are not required to engage with the preset size anymore. 

You can use custom LCD displays whenever you want to stand out from the crowd. It suits all industries and minimizes the hassles involved in your task. Since LCD screens are not expensive to buy and maintain, you can invest in them and enjoy huge flexibility. 

Pros of Buying Custom LCD from the Reliable Manufacturer!

LCD displays are designed to be highly efficient and access less energy. So, you can incorporate it into your industry easily and grab huge benefits. With the customization LCD, you can enjoy different features such as industrial-grade material, long backlight lifetime, wide temperature range, and much more. 

Upon joining hands with the reliable LCD manufacturer, you can easily choose the custom LCD displays. We are the leading LCD manufacturer and supplier in the market. With years of experience and the accessibility of an expert team, we listen to your needs and work to provide the best solution. We render the best quality lcd display panel at an affordable rate. 

LCD display panels are required in different industries for various uses like to design POS systems, IOT, use as screen in medical devices and for different other purposes. We offer you the best range of TFT displays – available in a variety of sizes. Choose the best one from:

* Industrial TFT LCD

* Square Display
* TFT Modules with PCBA

They are offered with precise information about features and technical specifications so that you can choose the best one according to your choice. Our displays are commonly used in smart home, POS systems, to display information, in automotive industry and different others. Our prices are competitive; while we ensure customs clearance and documentation – required for display. We have a world-class large manufacturing unit in Shenzhen China, where a pool of engineers has been working dedicatedly to fulfill your requirement to get the best models of custom lcd, lcd display panel, tft display in different sizes and designs.

Please go through the specifications provided for each type of display and choose them to get in use for any specific purpose.

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