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High Brightness Display

  • Applicable size:0.96"-32"
  • Support Customized FPC Shape、Pins Definition And Multiple Interface
  • Support Customized Backlight Solutions(Frame Material、Lifetime、Brightness)
  • Support Various Accessory Material And TFT Glass Selections
  • Full Rang Of IPS LCD Options And Super-Wide Viewing Angle Glare Solution

NO. Size(inch) Shape P/N Display Mode Resolution Interface Luminance Active Area(mm) Outline Dimention(mm) Application DataSheet
NO.1 4.3" Landscape LTK043HS40S-KC02 IPS 800*480 RGB 650 95.04*53.86 105.5*67.2*5.2 Digital
NO.2 3.5" Landscape LTK350QV11B-V1 IPS/Transmission/Normally Black 350*240 24bit RGB 1000 70.08*52.56 76.9*63.9*3.2 transportation
NO.3 3.95 Square LTK040WV30HFPD IPS 480*480 MIPI 1300 71.86*70.18 77.36*80.28*2.82
NO.4 4.3 inch Landscape LTK043HS40S-B IPS 800 x 3(RGB) x 480 RGB 650 95.04(H) x53.856(V) 105.5(H) x 67.2(V) x2.9(D) Digital
NO.5 5.5'' Portrait LTK055WU39QH-V2 IPS 1080*1920 MIPI 800 68.04*120.96 70.64*129.21*1.48
NO.6 23.8 Landscape LTK238FHBCT02 IPS 1920*1080 LVDS 200 527.04*296.46 641.8*382.2*11.8
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