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Regular Touch Panel Display

  • Applicable size:0.96"-32"
  • Support Multi-Touch And Wide Choice Of Touch IC
  • Support Customized Surface Treatment(AG、AR、AF、Anti-Corssion)
  • Support LOCA/OCA /AIR Bonding
  • Support Customized Cover Glass And Shape
  • Support Customized Different PCAP Structure

NO. Size(inch) Shape P/N Display Mode Resolution Interface Luminance Active Area(mm) Outline Dimention(mm) Structure TP Interface LENS VA LENS OD Application DataSheet
NO.1 2.4 Portrait LTK024QVBCT10 IPS 240*320 SPI 300cd/m2 36.72*48.96 59.04*82.29*3.63 G+F IIC 6PIN 37.32*49.56 59.04*82.29 Industrial control
NO.2 2.8 Portrait LTK028QVHCT06-V0 IPS 240*320 SPI 260 nits 43.2*57.6 84.4*84.4*3.23 G+F+F IIC 43.8*58.2 84.40*84.40 Industrial control
NO.3 3.5 inch Landscape LTK035QV54BYL-KR02 IPS 320*240 RGB 350cd/m2 70.08*52.56 76.9*63.9*4.4 G+F 4L 70.08*52.56 76.6*62.9
NO.4 10.25'' LTK103P5003MD IPS 1920 x 720 MIPI 243.648 x 91.368 mm 261.4 x 110.7 x 8.49 mm
NO.5 12.3'' LTK123A40A1H IPS 1920*RGB*720 LVDS 292.032(H) x 109.512(V) mm 292.032(H) x 109.512(V) x 7.4(D) mm
NO.6 29'' LTK290I5101P IPS 1920X540 LVDS 698.4 (H) x 196.425mm 702.4 (H) x 200.4(V) x30.2 (D)mm
NO.7 36.8" LTK368TM01R IPS 1920(RGB)*360 LVDS 919.296(H) *172.4(V)mm 948(H)*206.5(V)*47.3(D)mm
NO.8 3.5 inch Portrait LTK035HVHCT01 TN 320*480 SPI 300cd/m2 48.96*73.44 55.84*84.71*3.87 P+G IIC 6PIN 49.96*74.44 55.84*83.46
NO.9 3.5 Portrait LTK035P4046TX-KR01 IPS 320*480 SPI/MCU 300 nits 48.96*73.44 55.48*84.71*3.35 G+F IIC 49.26*73.89 54.48*84.71 Industrial control
NO.10 3.97" Portrait LTK040WV30BFP12-05QC-V3 IPS/Transmission/Normally Black 480*800 MIPI 300 51.84*86.40 65.14*126.00*4.65 G+FF IIC 6PIN 52.84*87.40 65.14*126.00
NO.11 5.0 Portrait LTK050H4047T-QC06 IPS 480*854 RGB 350 nits 62.23*10.25 79*140*4.25 G+G IIC 62.23*110.25 79.0*140.0 Industrial control
NO.12 5 inch Landscape LTK050WVNRT01-V0 TN 800*480 RGB 350cd/m2 108.0*64.8 120.7*75.8*4.60 G+F 4L 111.40*67.90 120.7*75.8 Digital
NO.13 5" Landscape LTK050WVHCT01 IPS 800*480 RGB 300 108.0*64.8 120.8*75.85*4.95 G+G IIC 6PIN 109.0*65.80 120.80*75.85
NO.14 5.0 Portrait LTK050H30FPW14-QC-V4 IPS 720*1280 MIPI 430 62.1*110.4 72*132*3.38 G+F+F IIC 63.10*111.40 72.0*132.0 Broadcasting Equipment
NO.15 5.5" Portrait LTK055WU39QL-06QC IPS 1080*1920 MIPI 375nits 68.04*120.96 80.14*136.54*4.0 G+FF IIC 6PIN 68.64*121.56 80.14*136.54
NO.16 7 inch Portrait LTK070P4077TX-QC-V3 IPS 720*1280 MIPI 220 nits 86.94*154.56 91.44*165.91*2.35 G+G IIC 87.54*155.16 97.8*235.35 Desktop
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Regular Touch Panel Display

Leadtek Bar Type Display are fascinating ultra wide display series. With the extended utilization of LCD display everywhere, the ultra wide aspect ratio display and high resolution is perfectly fit to replace traditional LED signage. 

LCD panels with a very wide aspect ratio are suitable for all applications with Leadtek Display screen.
Larger Bar Type LCD panels are used primarily as information and advertising displays in areas like transportation and Digital Signage. Small size ultra-stretched screens are ideal for control panel displays of vending machines or coffee machines.

Looking for high-resolution and high quality bar type TFT display modules or any kind of other display modules in bulk to use in different applications and systems? You will get the best range from Leadtek Display – bringing to you the best range of bar type TFT display modules and different types of other displays online and in your budget.

Leadtek Display, a certified and professional display solution provider, brings to you the best range of display modules. We are used largely for different purposes and in applications. Put simply, we are perfect for industrial equipment, automotive applications, server systems, POS Systems, dynamic information displays and advertising displays too.

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