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Smart Display

  • Applicable size:5.0"23.8"
  • OS: Android. Linux
  • Resolution: 1280*800. 1920*1080
  • Support: 4G, Touch, TF Card. USB
  • Power supply: DC 9V-12V

NO. Size(inch) Shape P/N Display Mode Resolution Interface Luminance Active Area(mm) Outline Dimention(mm) Application DataSheet
NO.1 7" Landscape LTK070WSHUT29-V0 IPS 1024*600 RGB 400 154.08*85.92 158.70*100.0*15 Desktop
NO.2 5'' Landscape LTK050WVHUT15-V0 HSD/IPS 800*480 RGB 400 108.0*64.8 120.8*75.85*4.95 Digital
NO.3 13.3'' Landscape LTK133FHBAT01-V0 BOE/ IPS 1920*1080 EDP 300 293.76*165.24 323.5*197.0*4.25 Laboratory Equipment
NO.4 3.5'' Landscape LTK035QVBHT01-AV-V0 IPS 320*240 RGB 320 70.08*52.56 76.9*63.9*3.2
NO.5 7" Landscape LTK070WV50CYW-02KC-HT-V0 TN 800*480 RGB 200 154.08*85.92 180*119*7.44 Smart Home
NO.6 2.4" Portrait LTK024MNXOM11-V0 IPS 450*600 SPI/MCU/MIPI 800 36.72*48.96 38.72*51.56*0.90
NO.7 10.1" Landscape LTK101WUNLM20-HT-V0 IPS 1920*1200 LVDS 800 216.81*135.50 253.58*172.08*6.75 Industrial control
NO.8 19" Landscape LTK190L3027T-HT01-V0 TN 1280*1024 LVDS 300 374.78*299.83 395.60*323.80*16.90 Medical Equipment
NO.9 7 Landscape LTK070WSHCT15-V0 IPS 1024*600 LVDS 600 154.21*85.92 164.9*100.0*5.56
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High Brightness LCD

If you are searching sunlight readable tft displays solution for the outdoor applications, Our High Brightness tft lcd including 3.5" 1000nits, 4.3" 1000nits, 5.0" 1000nits, 7.0" 2000nits, 8" 1000nits, 10.1" 1000nits, 12.2" 1000ntis, etc. Welcome to get the specification from Leadtek Display. Leadtek high brightness LCD panel is featured with brightness up to 600 nits and 2000 nits. Leadtek sunlight readable tft is high brightness backlight to make the display to sunlight viewable tft display, and easy to read in outside conditions with a bright sun. You would find sunlight readable TFT LCD is perfect for outdoor. Leadtek high brightness series used super brightness LED backlight, and make tft lcd readable under direct sunlight, and gives you the intensity and brilliance your application requires. Custom make sunlight readable tft lcd is very welcome to us.

Looking for high brightness LCD display for use in different industry verticals or for any specific use?

You need to reach the top manufacturer and provider of high brightness LCD displays. They are available in a variety of sizes and designs that you can get from the comfort of home.  Leadtek Display, the professional display service provider based in China, offers you a broad range of high brightness LCD displays that are easy to use and come with a number of added features and benefits. Our broad range of such display modules is provided with precise information about their uses in different industrial domains.  Choosing the best one depends on your requirement and industrial uses. They are offered with precise information about them to help you in finding something latest and unique. Our prices are competitive and backed by discounts; while you can get them delivered on time and in secure way to your address. Our broad ranges of displays are used largely in different industries and for different purposes. They are delivered with precise information about them, technical points and features along with a user guide. Manufacturer’s warranty is also provided for certain time.

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