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NO. Size(inch) Shape P/N Display Mode Resolution Interface Luminance Active Area(mm) Outline Dimention(mm) Application DataSheet
NO.1 3.1'' LTK031H2505R-CT IPS 480 x 800 MIPI 40.32 x 67.20 mm 43.68 x 77.02 x 1.65 mm
NO.2 15.6" LTK156A3101T IPS 1920*1080 eDP 344.16*193.59(mm) 360*222.23*6.5(mm)
NO.3 4.0'' LTK040T3003G-CT IPS 720 x 720 MIPI 71.93 x 71.93 mm 84 x 84 x 2.6 mm
NO.4 5.0" LTK050WU40SY-QC38 IPS 1080 x 1920 MIPI 61.64 x 118.3 mm 127.7 x 68.64 x 3.13 mm
NO.5 3.97" LTK0397H4502T-CTP IPS 480*800 RGB 51.84*86.4 58.44*96.50*3.78
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Touch Screen Module, Touch Screen Panel, Touch Screen Display

A touch screen display module is a control display that uses the conductive touch of a human finger or a specialized device for input. Unlike resistive and surface wave panels, which can sense input from either fingers or simple styluses, touch screen panel must be touched with a finger or a special capacitive pen or glove. The panel is coated with a material that can store electrical charges and the location of touch to the screen is signaled by the change in capacitance in that location.

Leadtek developed a series of touch screen display including 1.0", 2.0", 2.4", 2.2", 3.0", 3.5", 4.3", 5.0", 5.5", 6.0", 6.2", 7.0", 8.0", 9.0", 10.1", 11.6", 12.1", 12.2", 13.3", 14.0", 15.6", 18.5", 21.5".

Touch Screen Display Modules That Work in Smart Way with a Touch of Finger

Lead Tek LCD is a recognized platform bringing to you the best range of touch screen modules in touch screen – an advanced technology based control display using the conductive touch of your finger. Touch screen modules work instantly with a touch of finger or through a special capacitive pen or glove. For users’ convenience, touch screen modules are coated with a material – storing electrical charges and the location of touch to the screen – signaled by the change in capacitance in the location.

Touch Screen Modules - Buy the Best Units ranging from 10 inches to 215 Inches in Size

We have an exclusive range of touch screen modules – ranging from 10” to 215” – big enough to get a very clear view of images, videos, and reports in high-definition resolution. We have world-class setup to design and develop advanced range of touch screen modules – based on the latest technology and innovation to render a wide range of touch screens.

Adopting the touch screen device will help users turn their dependency of the additional input devices and eliminating the use of traditional keyboard and mouse

For retail stores, outlets, and varied other purposes, the latest range of touch screen modules makes work environment easy and hassle-free

They come with the availability of easy to use interface – making it easier to operate the system faster and smooth.

Importance of Touch Screen Display for Your Business!

Almost all the industries today have shifted to touch screen technology because of its sophistication and benefits. More businesses look for how to use this efficient technology to uplift their revenue, efficiency, and customer experience. The touch screen technology has blended with the professional environment perfectly. You can use touch screen display in the form of tablets, point of sales, and interactive product catalogs as per your needs.

How does your business benefit from touch screens?

· Adopting the touch screen devices helps you to turn independent of the additional input devices. By eliminating the use of the traditional keyboard and mouse, you can interact with the computer faster.

· It allows the businesses such as retail stores and hotels to operate with limited space. Without consuming much space, it makes your work environment easy to navigate.

· The availability of an easy-to-use interface makes you operate the system faster and smooth. Thus, it results in increased productivity and excellent ROI.

To grab these benefits, you need to get the touch screen module from a reliable manufacturer and supplier. We use the latest technology and innovation to render a wide range of touch screens. You can customize the touch screen and take your business to the next level according to your needs.

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